Pharma Consult in details

Who are we.

who-are-wePharma Consult is a pharmaceutical engineering company which advises companies in project management , automation, production equipment and validation.


consultingWith more than 10 years with project management , automation and validation in the pharmaceutical industry, we can offer almost all kinds of engineering advice and project management. Our extensive experience to validation of IT and automation systems is what makes us the leading partner within the business of automation and Pharma IT. Our customers are among the market’s biggest in pharmaceutical production.

Project management

project-managementPharma Consult offers project management of all size projects. We have through our long experience learned to anticipate problems and pitfalls before they occur . We understand the customer’s needs for a painless project, and knows the special needs which exist within the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmaceutical automation

automationOur specialty is counseling in automation projects in the pharmaceutical industry. We know of principles within GAMP and requirements of EU and FDA. We are able to offer our customers a complete package , ranging from project management, specification , construction and validation of automation projects.

Validation & Qualification

ValidationVirtually all of the projects we perform for our clients, validation disciplines of any kind. Pharma Consult specialize in preparing validation documentation in the form of validation protocols , test plans and validation reports. We know the extent of validation activities can be and how important validation for our customers and their products.